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Lint Brush Review – Lint Wizard Pro

The Lint Wizard Pro roller style lint remover has been around since 2007 and has been one of the best received lint brushes on the market due to its excellent cleaning abilities and low cost.

This unique lint roller consists of a state of the art fabric surface that seems to catch all lint and hair particles it comes into contact with, plus it has a rotating handle function, that when twisted opens up a hidden compartment that has been collecting all the lint or hair that has been picking up. To empty the device you simply rotate the handle until the collection compartment is open, then turn the unit upside down and all the collected material empties out.

The Pros

The Lint Wizard Pro did a fantastic job at picking up all the lint, dust and pet hair when I tested it and its self-cleaning system was so easy to use compared to other lint brushes I have tested. The fact this roller style brush uses special fabric to catch all particles makes it a real cost saver when compared to standard roller lint brushes that have adhesive tapes that constantly need refilling. A comparison would be I used 15 adhesive sheets on a standard lint roller to clean my sofa, compared to the Lint Wizard that did just as good a job and quicker, but with no extra cost. The cost is also a real plus with this device at around $15-$20.

The Cons

The only real downside to the Lint Wizard Pro is that its construction is somewhat on the fragile side, so you have to use it fairly gentle. I have heard a number of reports that bits have popped off the lint roller at different times which is not a good advert for the product.


For the quality of lint or pet hair removal you get with the Lint Wizard Pro, plus the price of the device its hard to beat. Using this lint roller on cat hair in particular it did an amazing job and I for one have been converted to this very handy and useful lint remover.