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Sports Betting Books

Sports betting books are a must have in any serious punters library. Indeed, I remember reading somewhere (don’t ask me where as I can’t recall where I read it) that one can deduce many things about a man just by glancing at his library or collection of books.

If you’re just building your sports book collection you must be aware that the genre of sports betting books is wide-ranging and it is wise to choose a few general topics to start with before delving into the specialist subject areas.

Read both theoretical and practical titles and also books which combine theory with practice (more on that later, I have a real gem of an e-book to show you).

Like everything else there are good and poor quality sports betting books so ensure that you are happy with both subject and author credentials before purchasing, if you are unsure of the quality try and borrow it from a library before buying. It’s also worth considering seriously books written by bettors, preferably professional bettors who make their living through sports betting. Don’t however ignore academically focused betting books as these can give you a good grounding in the theory and often have good analysis and research data within.

Most sports betting books will be written by authors from the Unites States and Britain, don’t discount however books written by Australian and Canadian writers, particularly the former as betting in Australia is a well entrenched cultural phenomena. Another thing to consider is if you intend betting on American sports like baseball you would be well advised to read mostly American authored books. And similarly, if its soccer betting that turns you on, your best bet is to read sports betting books written by Brits or other Europeans.