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Reasons for Using Double Sided Banner Stands

Double sided banner stands, often advertised as roller, retractable, pop-up or pull-up banners or banner stands, and are one of the most popular forms of advertising, especially at exhibitions.

Promoters used them as part of their marketing strategies for a whole host of reasons, including their lightweight and portability, the fact that they are easily expandable, inter-changeable and re-usable.

Ordinary posters, cardboard or wooden display boards, in comparison, not only require often heavy, bulky means to be displayed, but are also easily damaged during transport, setting up and so on and can therefore only be used once or twice at best.

Using these on both sides of an exhibition wall can become costly, as well as involving a lot of time and effort in preparation. This used to mean that in particular smaller businesses could only attend a relatively small selection of exhibitions to keep costs low.

The many benefits of double-sided banner stands begin with the relatively low initial cost and the fact that they are strong and robust enough to be used repeatedly.

Transport costs are also reduced, because the banners collapse into their cases and can be easily carried and fitted into a car’s boot, the overhead storage compartment on planes or trains or the back of a van.

The stylish designs of the stands and first rate quality of the graphics, often carrying company logo’s, names and/ or strap lines, as well as obviously the intended messages and product images, allow for high standard professional advertising at all times.

By using double-sided banner stands at trade shows and exhibitions, a 360-degree of the company’s messages is guaranteed. Wherever a potential visitor or customer may stand, they will easily locate the company’s logo or name.

This is of particular importance if the stand is placed in a central position, where visitors will be able to see all sides and may be put off by seeing bare areas.

The range of exhibited products can be easily expanded, too, which is a real benefit when considering the often-limited space allowances even at large events. With each panel used, the amount of products on display is doubled, attracting a wider range of interest within a broader target audience.

Double sided banner stands offer much greater exposure and set the perfect stage for attracting customers from every angle. Traders around the world generally regard their optimal positioning and the attraction they represent as the first step towards sales conversions in an exhibition environment.

The reasons for using double-sided banner stands are clearly cost-effectiveness; ease of transport and easy, user-friendly display of high quality graphics that can be viewed from 360 degrees.

The latter fact not only doubles the possible amount of products to be displayed, it attracts a wider audience by having all these products visible from all angles. The doubled interest could easily double sales, the ultimate purpose of an exhibition, after all.